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PRICE:    £40 per hour


Intensive lessons are most suitable for pupils who are at a test standard and wish to take the test within two to six weeks.

It can be very challenging to cram the whole test syllabus under a time constraint… This is where we come in and guide pupils to achieve the desired result.

PRICE:    £50 per hour

Please contact us on 07752196258 to discuss any specific training needs or packages if you need further help.

Intensive with Ali's Pass Driving school

Motorways can be very challenging roads with fast-moving traffic and specific regulations.

This is where we come in to highlight best practices and overcome challenges to turn this experience into a breeze.

PRICE:    £40 per hour

Guidance on how to deal with this challenge

turn this experience into a breeze.

Newly qualified drivers are most susceptible to accidents within their first two years of passing.

This is where a Pass Plus programme comes in by refreshing key topics and by improving the confidence of all newly qualified drivers.

It is a government-backed programme with many insurance companies encouraging users to take the Pass Plus by offering up to 40% off premiums upon completion.

Once the course has been completed, a Pass Plus certificate will be issued.

Please get in touch for any questions on Pass Plus.

PRICE:    £40 per hour

alı's pass plus

Like all skills, driving skills can go rusty quickly if not in use for a while.

With a refresher lesson why not polish up on your driving skills?

PRICE:    £40 per hour

refresh wıth alı's pass