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drıver educatıon

We are here to help you at each step of the way…

Theory test

The theory test consists of 2 parts:
Multiple choice questions and Hazard perception.
The materials recommended below are published by TSO, official publishers for DVSA which also conduct the test in the UK.
They are also essential readings for everyone on the road.

Obviously, since we live up to an Internet era, You will find tons of video clips and information on the Internet on  driving as well.


Although, nothing replaces hands on the wheel experince when practicing driving skills on the road, theoretical preparation for the task to be carried out will always help e.g watching a video clip on roundabouts helps pupil to see how other drivers cross it safely, then the pupil will reflect this knowledge less or more to his own way of crossing round about safely.

THE Traınıng Car

Pleasure to do training in

industry leading hyundai I20

SAT NAV with rear cam

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Training wehicle is the latest Hyundai I20 SAT NAV with rear cam. Industry-leading Hyundai I20 which is widely recognised as one of the best training vehicles. The vehicle is well maintained by the Official Hyundai dealer. We adhere to all COVID guidelines through regular hygiene practice.

You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old. You can start driving a car when you’re 17. You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ).

You can also start learning to drive when you are 14 with an Adi off public roads,on a private Land.

This entirely depends on your ability such as how quickly you learn,your previous experience in driving, your resources to back you up like private practising with friends…etc.
However,according the government’s statistics on avarege, a novice beginner needs 45-50 hours of professional driving lessons done with an Adi and some 22 hours driving lessons done with friends or family members.

Currently, regulations state that if you pass your practical test on an automatic car you can only drive automatic cars unless you upgrade it.

If you pass your driving test on a manual car,you can drive both manual and automatic car.

Yes ,you can start taking practical lessons whilst studying the theory.
As a matter of fact,studying both practical and theory at the same time,helps each other and develops stronger sense of what you are learning.

Yes you can providing that your car and your friends or family members meet legal requirements.

You and your instructor should together make this decision.
The following questions would be helpful to ask to understand the position of the pupil:
👍Have I covered all the test syllabus?
👍Can I drive on my own under all road and weather conditions safely without my instructor?
👍What is the result of my mock test carried out prior to the test?
👍In case of a clash over the readiness of the pupil for the test,the instructor has a right by the law to reject to take the pupil to the test centre.

Your test will be rescheduled.
As for your other out of pocket expenses you can fill in a claim form at the test centre but the compensation will be at the discretion of DVSA management.

Ali’s Pass Driving School is proud to offer driving lessons in these areas Bermondsey, Elephant and Castle,Woolworth,London Bridge Tower Bridge, Peckham,Surrey Quays, Rothehithe,Lambeth and neighbouring postcodes SE1,SE17,SE16,SE17,SE5…

Pupils outside these zones are also most welcome to do their driver training with us in our zone.