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Company Name: Ali’s Pass Driving School
Director: Ali Gurer, A grade Adi.


The driving instructor(Adi) is approved by DVSA.
He/She displays their badge on the training car on the lesson which can be checked by the pupil.
The instructor fully complies with all the regulation and National standard for driver and rider training.


The pupil should comply with the UK laws and regulations governing driving in the UK before doing driver training.
In a nut shell, the pupil should be legally and medically fit to drive holding either a UK provisional licence or a licence accepted by UK laws.
The pupil should declare their medical issues relating driving including problems with alcohol and drug misuse.


The training car will be legally and mechanically fit to drive on the road.
Some features of the car as below;
* A recent model, Hyundai i20 petrol,sat nav,manual
* MOT’ed and insured for for training purposes.
* Dual Controls fitted.
* L plates fitted as per the regulations in addition to 3D the roof sign.
* Mirrors fitted as per the regulations for the Adi
* Serviced fully by the Hynundai dealers schedule.
* Serviced,maintained,sanitised and cleaned daily by the driving school.


The lesson is carried out by an DVSA approved driving instructor.
Each lesson is 120 minutes and one to one basis unless agreed otherwise by all the parties.
The pupil is normally expected to turn up on time with the lessons otherwise only 10 minutes wait allowed before the instructor moves on unless the pupil contacts the instructor and requests extra time to arrive,

The fee for the unattended lessons become payable.


The price and category of the lessons are clearly explained on the website.
However, any other specific needs or options for the lessons need to be agreed upon mutually before training.


The fee can be paid by bank transfer,cash or cheque providing that the funds are cleared and deposited into the bank account safely before the lessons are carried out.
In case of any dispute or suspicious unsafe transfer methods occur,management has the right to select whatever payment method works best for them.


2 working days notice(48 hours) required to cancel or alter a lesson booked in advance.
This notice also includes cancellations arisen by sickness or any other reasons.
The fee for all cancelled lessons outside the notice period becomes payable.


The refund will be at management’s discretion providing that lessons are cancelled within the notification period.
No any promo packs or packages are refundable.
The refund method will be at management’s discretion.